Hey there, welcome to the Motorcycles & Misfits Podcast, from the Re-Cycle Garage in sunny Santa Cruz California.

The Re-Cycle Garage is a free to all co-op garage space, that has been open since 2009. Every Sunday people stop by to work on their bikes, get advice, give advice, share stories or just to hang out and have a good time. From this the podcast was born. Have you wanted to put faces to the voices? Well now you can. I present to you the constantly rotating crew we call the Misfits.

Sunday Funday at the Re-Cycle Garage

Every Sunday we get together and wrench on bikes, go for rides, share food and drinks, play pranks, learn something new and generally have fun. Come join us some time.

Recording the podcast

For the first few years we recorded shows in the garage, which meant setting up and breaking down all the gear every time. Eventually we moved into our current studio called the “Train Room”. So if you ever wanted to know how we have so many people at a time, here’s some shots from some of our recording sessions.

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